Please share any additional ideas/suggestions that come to mind. Thanks!

Most of these ideas came from supporter comments made on various pages.

I think it is mainly to make it easier for people to find information that they are looking for about your cause. They don't want to hunt, and search around the page for the information that they are looking for.

Remember to use correct grammar, spelling, and paragraph spacing in these sections.

This page explains how to create paragraph spacing on Facebook.

**The following info needs to be added to this page**
- How to link your page to 'Dogs Shot by Police'?
- Username & RSS Link to your Facebook Wall
- Discuss posting important information as Milestones & why.
- Use Notepad to create an easy access list of all the media links that pertain to your story.

Facebook Page Type
- Choose 'Company, Organization, or Institution'
- This selection provides more page options
- DON'T choose 'Cause/Communities'

Facebook Page Category
- Choose 'Cause'

Start Type & Date - Choose Founded.
- Fatally shot; This gives you a place to write an Epitaph.  (Ex. See Cisco)
- Survivors; This gives you a place to maybe explain how they were raised and some character/personality traits; You could use this to create a Hero Memorial.

Founded Date
- Enter the date of the incident
Address: Optional
City/Town: YES, Fill in the city & state of where the incident occurred.
Zip Code: Preferred

Short Description
- Story Summary (175 max characters)
- 175 character is all that people will see when viewing your page.

- 1st Paragraph is a duplicate of the 'Short Description' section.
- The rest of the content is the story.
- Remember to use correct grammar, spelling, and paragraph spacing.  You can write everything in an email, or word processor to find spelling errors.

General Information: (important info not in the story)
- Is the page creator the dog owner?
- Case info, etc...
- Any other information that you think might be important

Mission - What are you trying to achieve in the name of justice?
Founded - The date of the incident
Awards - Success milestones in seeking justice.
Products - So far I've seen Shirts, Bumper Stickers, & Bracelets.
Phone - Optional
Email - Preferred & Recommended; How Can people reach you?

- Pick a news article, or blog of the story
- (if you don't have either let me know & we will make one)

ARTICLE - How To Create A Facebook Page

FB PAGES - Steps To Success

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